The border tourism zone of Nogales, Sonora

The border tourism zone of Nogales, Sonora

Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

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Nogales is the major border entry to Sonora from Arizona.  It has approximately 225,000 residents, many of whom came from other parts of Mexico to work in one of the many cross-border manufacturing operations known as maquiladoras.

The main tourist attractions for tourists are the shops and street vendors in the neighborhood near the border crossing. Nogales is known for its difficult traffic conditions, so visitors would be well advised to park in one of the many parking lots near the border.  The parking lots typically charge $4.00 for short-term parking (no longer than a day), and you may want to give a dollar to the lot attendant for “insurance.”  Longer-term parking is also available, in a lot just north of the nearby McDonald’s parking lot.

You won’t need any special documentation to cross the border, although you will need to present a U.S passport or border crossing card to U.S. Customs officials when returning to the United States. After walking through the metal turnstiles to enter Mexico, if carrying a bag or packages you will need to stop in the Mexican Customs area and push the button (that looks like a crosswalk button) next to what looks like two stoplights.  If the green light “Pase” is displayed, you can continue walking.  If the red “Revision” light is displayed, the Mexican Customs agent will inspect the contents of your bags.

After passing through Customs, you will encounter a swarm of taxi drivers.  If you just want to do tourist shopping you can politely tell them “no, gracias!”  If you need a taxi ride, make sure you arrange a price with the driver before getting in the taxi.

The Nogales tourist shopping district can be found by following the crowd of border crossers.  Basically, take a left turn after passing by the taxi drivers, and you will arrive in Plaza Pesqueda (where many of the border pharmacies are located – click here for more information), and you’ll begin to see the stores and street vendors.

You’ll soon find yourself being invited (usually quite exuberantly) by salespeople standing in the doorway of stores.

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