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Dental Tourism in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

In recent years, the city of Nogales, Sonora has undergone several changes. One of the most positive and exciting of these is an evolution of the city’s tourism districts into a haven for dental tourism.

Some of Mexico’s best and brightest dental professionals have selected Nogales as a location to establish modern dental clinics that use state-of-the art procedures, equipment and materials.

And the amazing thing about it is that these dental professionals are able to take advantage of the lower costs of doing business in Mexico and provide world-class dental services at greatly discounted prices.

In fact, dental procedures performed by Nogales dentists typically cost 60 percent less than what is charged by dentists north of the border. This has resulted in Nogales, Sonora becoming a burgeoning center of dental tourism – just across the international border from Nogales, Arizona.

To learn more about dental tourism in Nogales and see a listing of qualified dentists in the Nogales border tourism areas, we recommend that you visit Planet Nogales and the Nogales Dentists Directory.

And Nogales is not the only place in Sonora where you can find quality dental care at prices that are dramatically lower than in the U.S. if you are traveling in Sonora, Mexico (or plan to travel in Sonora) we recommend that you consult the Sonoran Dentists website to find dentists who practice in the towns where you will be.

You may also want to locate a Sonoran dentist as part of your trip planning, so that you have the information available in case of dental emergencies while you are traveling.

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