Yoreme Mayo Pastoral House Itom Ayye María (Our Mother Mary)

El Júpare, Sonora, Mexico

The Casa Pastoral Yoreme Mayo Itom Ayye María (Our Mother Mary) in El Júpare, Sonora is a unique place of worship that blends traditional Catholic sacraments with images of traditional indigenous Yoreme Mayo culture.

The church was built by members of the local community and members of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin. The beautiful cultural images were painted by artist Jesús Gilberto Buitimea Estrella “Mota.”

It was inaugurated on May 23, 2017 with a bilingual mass celebrated by the bishop of the Diocese of Ciudad Obregón, Father Felipe Padilla Cardona.

Also in attendance at the inauguration were Father David Joseph Beaumont Pfeifer and other members of the Capuchin Order, dignitaries and other members of the Mayo Pueblo, and the Municipal President of Huatabampo, Heliodoro Soto Holguín, and his wife Andrea Ramírez de Soto.

A description of the inauguration published in the Tribuna del Yaqui  contains quotes that summarize well the origin and purpose of the pastoral house:

That the Mayo are deeply spiritual people whose dances, dress and symbols have sacred meaning to them, which is manifested in traditional ceremonies;

That the purpose of including religious and cultural symbols in a church sanctuary is to not only help preserve the meaning and practice of cultural traditions in the context of religion, but to communicate their meaning; and

That the existence of the Casa Pastoral provides a place where parishioners can have an encounter with God within the cultural manifestations of the Mayo people.

When you visit the Yoreme Mayo Pastoral House, sit quietly in a pew to observe the unique characteristics of the place, and reflect. And you will understand.

See the Google map of El Júpare to find the location of the Casa Pastoral Yoreme Mayo Itom Ayye María.