Sonora Bus Travel 101

Travel and learning experiences in Sonora, Mexico

So, you have always wanted to visit Mexico, but have not gone south of the border because you …

do not want to travel alone
do not know anything about traveling to Sonora
want to see the real Sonora
are not sure how safe it is to travel to Mexico
do not speak the language, and / or
(insert excuse here)?

Or, maybe you are a seasoned Mexico traveler, but would like to expand your travel options by learning about Mexico bus travel.

Well, we may have a solution for you.

Join me and an informal group of travelers who take a Mexican luxury bus (either Tufesa or TAP Royal) from Tucson to a destination in Sonora, where we will visit some of the more interesting and photogenic places in the area, enjoy the regional food, learn about the local history and culture, go shopping, take pictures and do whatever else we want to do.

The trips will have a basic itinerary where you can join with the group, mostly slower-paced walking and shared transportation to various locales. We will provide information on local places to experience, so if you want to explore with the group that’s great, or if you would prefer to head out on your own, that’s fine too.

Along the way, learn about the best places to visit, travel-related vocabulary and tips, travel in Sonora and Mexico, what you can purchase and bring back across the border, and much more.

And even though we may be exploring an area independently, we will still stay in touch to make sure everybody is okay.

What you will learn

I will assume that you are a new Sonora bus traveler – but if you are not, that is fine too. You will also learn some basic tips for traveling to, and in, Sonora, such as:

How to get your FMM tourist card online
What to pack for a trip to Sonora
Crossing the border on a bus
Taking a Mexican taxi
How to get pesos and use an ATM
What you can bring back across the border to the U.S.
Checking in to a Mexican hotel
Tips for staying safe when you are out and about
Restaurant and street food options and customs
Purchasing a bus ticket at a Mexican bus station and online

I will also include some “cheat sheets” with vocabulary and tips to help you travel independently in Sonora.

I will post trip announcements and details on the Explore-Sonora website, so bookmark this page and stop back to stay current on upcoming Sonora Bus Travel 101 trips.

Do you have questions? Comments? Please contact us.

We look forward to traveling with you sometime soon!