Trips and Tours to Sonora, Mexico

Travel experiences in Sonora

Travel Experiences in Sonora, Mexico

Whether you are an independent traveler, or prefer to travel with groups, there are many opportunities to visit Sonora on a group or self-directed trip or tour.

If you are interested in traveling to Sonora, bookmark this page and stop back to see the latest opportunities for an enjoyable visit to Sonora, Mexico!

Sonora Bus Travel 101

This is an unstructured travel opportunity to take a Mexican bus from Tucson to a destination in Sonora. Along the way you will learn about various aspects of traveling to Mexico, and when we arrive you can travel with the group, or head out on your own. Read more about Sonora Bus Travel 101.

Self-Directed Tours to the Petroglyphs at Rancho Puerto Blanco

This working ranch located about five miles west of Caborca, Sonora, offers an amazing opportunity to visit beautiful, ancient rock-art petroglyphs on your own schedule and at your own pace – and you may conveniently make your reservation and pay online.

Once you have made your online reservation, they will provide you with information for how to get to the ranch, information for navigating to the petroglyph zones and a map with petroglyph clusters.

You can even reserve an overnight stay at the ranch house, or camping under the stars to share the environment and views with the spirits of the ancients. More information.

Ambos Tours of Arizona

Tour host Linda Rushton has been exploring Arizona and Mexico for many years, and knows the best places to see, eat and stay. Ambos Tours offers tours to Sonora, Chihuahua, Oaxaca, Arizona and other destinations.

They specialize in tours for the senior set, but their tours are fun for all adults who enjoy exploring and learning about the history, culture, people and natural landmarks of Arizona and Mexico. Read more about Ambos Tours.


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