The Regional Museum of the Mayo in Navajoa, Sonora

Profesor Lombardo Ríos Ramírez

Museo Regional del Mayo

The Regional Museum of the Mayo in Navajoa, Sonora offers a glimpse back into the culture and history of the indigenous Mayo people and this region in Southern Sonora they have inhabited for centuries.

The Museo Regional del Mayo is in a two-story red brick building that was constructed in 1923 as the railroad office for the Railroad of the Mayo River, and it is still located adjacent to the railroad tracks. It is named after its founder, Profesor Lombardo Ríos Ramírez, who is an expert on the flora, fauna, archaeology and native peoples of the region and has been a driving force in establishing cultural museums and learning centers in the area.

Former Mexican President and General Alvaro Obregon, who was born in Navojoa, planned the railroad to continue south to the Sonoran coastal village of Yavaros and west to Huatabampo, to provide a means of transportation to Navojoa for the rich agricultural production of the region.

The museum has a section dedicated to President Obregon, who was born in the municipality of Navojoa and was assassinated in April of 1928 at the age of 48.

After the building was no longer used as a railroad office, it was occupied for a time by the Ronaud family. The museum was opened in July of 2002, and is a must-see stop when you are exploring Navojoa.

I toured the museum in April of 2017, and as someone who loves learning about history and culture I enjoyed the experience. For a nominal entrance fee, I was given a guided tour by a very friendly and knowledgeable guide who not only explained the meaning of the various exhibits, but also provided interesting background information about the displays.

And even if you do not speak Spanish the photos and artifacts also speak for themselves. If you would like to visit the museum with a large group, they ask that you please notify them in advance – contact information is listed below.

There are six main themes in the Museo Regional del Mayo, all related to the history and cultural heritage of the region. They are: Prehistory and colonization; temporary exhibits; Mayo ethnology and ethnicity; the history of the museum property; and historical archival photos of Navojoa from the 20th century.

The Museo Regional del Mayo is located on Calle No Reeleccion in Navajoa, adjacent to the Plaza Santa Fe. The sites are both along an Une city bus route.


Museo Regional del Mayo Profr. Lombardo Ríos Ramírez
Ayuntamiento de Navojoa

Open 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday – Saturday
Closed Sunday and Monday

Leona Vicario 200
Colonia Juárez
CP 85860
Navojoa, Navojoa, Sonora
Tel.: +52 (642) 421-5531