The Metal Monuments of Navojoa

Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico

When driving around the city of Navojoa, you may see some interesting pieces of big, metal artwork that has been placed in the island between lanes on boulevards and other thoroughfares.

The imposing and beautiful iron figures are from four to 10 meters in height, and their shapes represent patterns from nature, prehistoric Latin culture, African influences, Sonoran cultural symbols, and curved and geometric modernist combinations of shapes from the creator’s fertile imagination.

There are hundreds of these marvelous works on the property of a church, in a quiet neighborhood on the north side of Navojoa. The gigantic pieces whose surface oxidation only contributes a hue to their imposing beauty sit quietly on display, some in a garden environment and others in a second storage area that is a field of dirt punctuated by brown-orange creations.

The monuments are not for sale – the artist from Guadalajara who created them will only donate them to worthy recipients. He hires people who have had setbacks in life, like addictions, to assist him in creating the art, teaching them valuable work skills like welding and metal fabrication.

In the meantime, these beautiful pieces stand in collections that make their resting place a garden of iron, a truly fascinating place to walk among them and enjoy the variety of shapes and admire the creativity of the person who created them.