Lots to Explore at Navojoa’s Municipal Market

Whether you are looking for a specific item to purchase or are just looking for a place where you can walk around and browse at various items for sale, visiting the Navojoa Mercado Municipal (municipal market) is a fun way to spend time while in Navojoa.

The Mercado Municipal Manuel Ávila Camacho is located in downtown Navojoa, and in addition to being the city’s busiest shopping district it is also a transportation hub for Navojoa’s Une buses.

Construction began on this community market on June 24, 1943. June 24th is an important date in Southern Sonora and other parts of Mexico, because it is the feast day of St. John the Baptist and a day when festivals and other observances also focus on requests for the rainy season to begin.

The market was christened with the name Manuel Ávila Camacho to honor the man who was president of Mexico at that time.
The inaugural ceremony for the municipal market was held on August 31, 1946.

The Navojoa Mercado Municipal has dozens of small stores that sell a variety of goods, from hats, clothing and shoes to fresh beef and chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables, hardware and work implements.

Enjoying a shaded stroll through the municipal market is also a great way to make new friends in Navojoa.

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