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Welcome to Sonora Nativa Travel!

Whether you want a luxury vacation, a traditional Mexican experience, or a combination of the two, we can plan a one-of-a-kind Sonora adventure that is safe, fun, enriching and unforgettable. We specialize in the following types of Sonora travel, and will plan every aspect of your vacation, from travel and lodging to incidentals:

Popular Sonoran destinations –  like San Carlos, Puerto Penasco, Alamos and El Pinacate. Become immersed in the colonial charm of Alamos, experience the wonder of El Pinacate and enjoy sport fishing and other amazing experiences that our coastal resorts have to offer.

Sonora cultural and history tours – we support sustainable tourism for indigenous pueblos and rural areas, and host trips to experience and learn about indigenous Sonoran cultures.

Nature and ecotourism – whether you want to kayak in the Sea of Cortez, go for a hike and do some bird watching in an estuary or plan your own unique Sonora ecotourism adventure, we know the best places to go.

Sonoran cowboy culture – the ranchers and cowboys of Sonora and its neighboring state of Chihuahua share a unique Mexican vaquero culture unlike anywhere else in the world. Travel with us to see this truly one-of-a-kind lifestyle.

Walk in the footsteps of the dinosaurs – there are places in Sonora where you can walk where the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures roamed. See massive dinosaur footprints and bones, and learn about the ancient history of the region.

Do you have an idea for something else you would like to do in Sonora? Let us know, and we can plan and host your stay in Sonora. We look forward to hearing from you!