Santa Ana, Sonora

Santa Ana, Sonora

Santa Ana, Sonora, Mexico

The pueblo of Santa Ana lies on federal highway 15, just 11 kilometers south of Magdalena on the way to Hermosillo. The town is also a junction of highways 15 and 2, with highway 2 going to points west such as Altar and Caborca, San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexicali, and ultimately to Tijuana.

The main commercial area in Santa Ana is based around the town’s lovely plaza, which is bordered by a very nice church (the hand-carved wooden doors are among the church details that are great for taking pictures), a Santa Fe grocery store and banks that have ATMs.  To reach the plaza area, take the turn at the junction of highway 2 toward Caborca, and then take a left turn at the second intersection after crossing the railroad tracks.


Santa Ana has some of the nicer hotels in Northern Sonora. If you’re on your way to Hermosillo and it’s late, you may want to consider staying at one of the hotels along the highway in Santa Ana, like Hotel La Villa or Motel Elba.

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