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Groundbreaking for the temple of the Parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Navojoa began in early 1920. The parish’s first mass was celebrated on the site on May 20, 1920, officiated by Bishop Don Juan Navarrete.

Work continued on the structure during the 1920s, but was halted during the period of the Cristero War in Mexico, a rebellion caused by the Mexican government’s enforcement of secular provisions of the 1917 Mexico Constitution. During that time, some protesters took images of saints from the church and smashed them on Calle Morelos.

The building of the temple was renewed after that time, and the church’s apse was completed in 1940. Construction on the rest of the temple began anew in 1952 and the church building was completed in December of 1957.

The Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish is a beautiful place of worship located just a block from the city’s Plaza Cinco de Mayo. It is not only a spiritual center in Navojoa, but also a popular place for tourists to visit.

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