Route of the Rio Sonora

Natural scenic beauty and traditional culture
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The Route of the Rio Sonora

The Rio Sonora route is along a highway that passes through traditional pueblos along the Rio Sonora (Sonora River) in the north-central part of Sonora. The city of Cananea marks the northern point of the Rio Sonora, which continues south on Sonora highway 89 to the town of Baviácora and on to Ures.

Some of the towns along the Rio Sonora are:


Founded in 1639 and known in the Opata language as Acotzi.


A Spanish colonial capital, former capital of the state of Sonora and birthplace of Sonoran General Ignacio Pesquiera, with a beautiful 18th-century temple that is the final resting place of Captain Juan Bautista de Anza.


A charming and historic pueblo nestled in the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental.


A lovely town with beautiful scenery, a mission church and some very good options for an overnight stay.


One of the southernmost towns along the Route of the Rio Sonora, with a beautiful cathedral and relaxing plazas to explore and enjoy.


The historic mining city at the northernmost end of the Route of the Rio Sonora.


Established in 1644 by Jesuit missionary Father Jeronimo de la Canal, who christened the community with the name San Lorenzo de Güepaca.


Location of the Sonora River basin, and the southernmost city on the Route of the Rio Sonora.

The Rio Sonora pueblo of Huépac, Sonora, Mexico