Plaza Juarez in Huatabampo, Sonora


Plaza Juarez is the cultural and social center of the Southern Sonora city of Huatabampo.

The plaza has a traditional bandstand-style kiosk at its center, with abundant shade trees and flowering plants. There is a snack bar at one end, lots of benches to sit and relax on, and a sitting area with picnic tables and a statue of children playing at its center.

In short, it is a very comfortable place to sit, relax and enjoy a conversation.

One one side of the plaza is the historic Palacio Municipal (city administration building), with its beautiful traditional design and interior murals. Across the street is the Iglesia Cristo Rey, a lovely church that is the religious center of the town. On the other side of the plaza is CafeTal, a very nice coffee shop and breakfast restaurant.


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