Pitiquito, Sonora

Pitiquito, Sonora

Pitiquito, Sonora, Mexico

The charming Sonoran pueblo of Pitiquito (pronounced pee-tee-kee-toe) is located on Mexico federal highway 2, about 10 miles west of Altar, Sonora and a few miles east of Caborca.

The town is home to a Kino mission, La Mision de San Diego de Pitiquito, as well as a small leather products factory – Pieles Pitic.

Pitiquito is located on the eastern edge of the northern Sonora Free Trade zone, which extends eastward to the coast of the Sea of Cortez. If traveling eastward from Pitiquito, be prepared to make a stop at the Mexican customs station located on the highway east of this pueblo. It is basically the same as a 21km border customs checkpoint, where they may ask to see your vehicle registration and other documentation.


There are a couple of roadside motels along highway 2 in Pitiquito that are basic and inexpensive, but also very close to the highway. Perhaps better to drive on to Caborca to find a place to stay.

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