Images of Navojoa, Sonora

Tourism also plays an important role in Navojoa’s economy, and the area has much to offer for tourists interested in learning about Sonoran history, cuisine and culture.  

The city of Navojoa has a number of historic sites of interest, and is often used as a place to stay for tourists who want to visit the historic colonial beauty of nearby Alamos.

Hospital San Jose

Mercado Municipal – Navojoa’s Municipal Market

The Amazing Metal Monuments of Navojoa

Monument to President Obregon

Museo Regional del Mayo 

Navojoa Gourmet Coffee Roasters – Los Alamos Cafe

Plaza 5 de Mayo

Plaza Santa Fe 

Navojoa Sacred Heart Temple

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Navojoa Lodging

Clinic Hospital San Jose

The Metal Monuments of Navojoa

Los Alamos Cafe

Plaza 5 de Mayo

Navojoa Sacred Heart Parish

Navojoa’s Mercado Municipal

Boulevard Mexican History Monuments

Navojoa Lodging