Kino Bay, Sonora

Kino Bay, Sonora

Kino Bay, Sonora, Mexico

Kino Bay (also known as Bahía Kino, or Bahía de Kino) is a coastal community with 7000 inhabitants located on the central Sonoran coast in the municipality of Hermosillo.

Named after Jesuit Missionary Father Eusebio Francisco Kino, it was originally inhabited in the 1920’s as a fishing village.

Fishing is still an important economic activity here, and the Seri Indian residents make and sell a variety of hand-crafted items, from ironwood carvings to weavings and small ornaments.

The area also has a thriving tourism industry, as tourists come to relax on its beaches and enjoy the local variety of coastal and marine animal life. By law, all of the beachfront coast is federal property, so there are miles of beaches to stroll and enjoy in Kino Bay.


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