Tourist News, Observations and Insights of Sonora, Mexico

The state of Sonora covers a large area of land and has a marvelous variety of natural beauty, history, culture, culinary delights, activities and experiences to enjoy. I love exploring Sonora, meeting its people, capturing moments in photographs and learning about all the state has to offer.

But Sonora is not Disneyland. Although we have personally never felt threatened there, I understand that any tourist locale has its inherent risks, and Sonora is no exception.

So this page is where we will post news and information of interest to tourists, including travel advisories, as well as images of this marvelous place and its people.

And we invite you to participate with your comments, and share information, experiences and images from your Sonoran travels. I want this to be a place where travelers and those interested in traveling can get a clear picture of the current environment south of the border, fun places to visit, unique experiences and any other information that may have an impact on Sonoran travel.

Thanks for visiting this page, please come back and visit us often! And if you have Sonora tourism-related experiences or insights to share, please contact us.

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Hotel Fiesta Navojoa

Hotel Fiesta Navojoa Pesquiera 921 Colonia Reforma Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico 85830 +52 (642) 425-9800 The Fiesta Navojoa Hotel is a comfortable and economical place to stay while visiting the city of Navojoa, Sonora. And because of its convenient...

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Hotel Sicomoro Navojoa

Sicomoro Hotel Navojoa General Ignacio Pesqueira Norte 801 Colonia Reforma Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico 85830 +52 (642) 422-0028 The Sicomoro Hotel is conveniently located on Calle General Pesquiera (Mexico highway 15) in the city of Navojoa,...

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Hotel del Mayo

Hotel del Mayo in Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico The Hotel del Mayo is one of the better lodging properties in the city of Navojoa. It is a very comfortable, quiet and secure hotel that features an array of amenities for guest comfort. The hotel is located a half-block off...

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Booye Hotel in Navojoa

The Booye Hotel in Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico The Booye Hotel, which is conveniently located on Calle General Pesquiera (highway 15) on your way to Alamos, is unarguably one of the most unique and elegant hotels in the city of Navojoa, Sonora. From its beautiful...

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Holy Trinity Church in El Júpare

The Church of the Holy Trinity in El Júpare, Sonora is the religious center for traditional fiestas in this Southern Sonora town. The Holy Trinity is a greatly revered religious image in this deeply religious community that was one of the original eight Mayo pueblos...

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Yoreme Mayo Pastoral House

The Casa Pastoral Yoreme Mayo Itom Ayye María (Our Mother Mary) in El Júpare, Sonora is a unique place of worship that blends traditional Catholic sacraments with images of traditional indigenous Yoreme Mayo culture. The church was built by members of the local...

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Kiasi Jibua in El Júpare

The Kiasi Jibua comedor prepares traditional ethnic Mayo meals and baked goods in El Júpare, Sonora. Stop by to taste unique culinary treats cooked over a wood fire, like wakabaki stew, bread, and tortillas made from corn, wheat, garbanzo and flour. The kitchen also...

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Blas Mazo Mayo Cultural Center

The Centro de Cultura Blas Mazo in El Júpare, Sonora, is a community cultural center that features displays related to the culture and ethnic identity of the Yoreme Mayo. The Centro Cultural also sponsors events and activities to share and strengthen Mayo traditions...

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Centuries-Old Ficus pertusa Tree in Navojoa, Sonora

This centuries-old subtropical Ficus Pertusa tree, known in Mexico as a Nacapule tree, has hundreds of aerial roots that have wrapped themselves around a brick wall. Near the Rio Mayo in Navojoa, Sonora Este centenario árbol de Ficus Pertusa subtropical, también...

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