Iglesia de San Rafael in Trincheras, Sonora

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The state of Sonora covers a large area of land and has a marvelous variety of natural beauty, history, culture, culinary delights, activities and experiences to enjoy. I love exploring Sonora, meeting its people, capturing moments in photographs and learning about all the state has to offer.

But Sonora is not Disneyland. Although we have personally never felt threatened there, I understand that any tourist locale has its inherent risks, and Sonora is no exception.

So this page is where we will post news and information of interest to tourists, including travel advisories, as well as images of this marvelous place and its people.

And we invite you to participate with your comments, and share information, experiences and images from your Sonoran travels. I want this to be a place where travelers and those interested in traveling can get a clear picture of the current environment south of the border, fun places to visit, unique experiences and any other information that may have an impact on Sonoran travel.

Thanks for visiting this page, please come back and visit us often! And if you have Sonora tourism-related experiences or insights to share, please contact us.

Explore Sonora News, Insights and Observations

The Metal Monuments of Navojoa

When driving around the city of Navojoa, you may see some interesting pieces of big, metal artwork that has been placed in the island between lanes on boulevards and other thoroughfares. The imposing and beautiful iron figures are from four to 10 meters in height, and...

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Hermosillo Cathedral of the Assumption

The Cathedral of the Assumption stands as the primary church of the Diocese of Hermosillo and its neoclassical design with neogothic elements is a symbol commonly used to represent the Sonoran capital of Hermosillo. A smaller church built on the site in the 1700's was...

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Sonora State Government Palace

The Sonora state government palace is located on one side of Plaza Zaragoza in the heart of the state capital of Hermosillo. This bright white neoclassical building with its Ionic columns is a well-known symbol of the city and the state of Sonora. A municipal office...

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Plaza Zaragoza in Hermosillo

Plaza Zaragoza is the central plaza for the Sonoran capital of Hermosillo. The plaza was inaugurated in 1865 and named in honor of Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza (1829-1862), Plaza Zaragoza has four criss-crossing walkways lined with trees, bushes and other plants...

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Hotel Ibis Hermosillo

Hotel Ibis Hermosillo Av Cultura 48 Proyecto Rio Sonora Hermosillo XXI Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico 83270 +52 (662) 208-4700 Some of you may have noticed that, after years of traveling in and writing about the state of Sonora, Mexico, the information I had presented...

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The General Obregon House Museum in Huatabampo

Museo Casa General Álvaro Obregón Avenida Francisco I. Madero 17 Huatabampo, Sonora +52 (647) 426-1069 The museum opens at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday through Sunday, it is closed on Monday and Tuesday This unique museum in Huatabampo, Sonora offers a glimpse into the life of...

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The Palacio Municipal in Huatabampo, Sonora

The original town hall of Huatabampo, Sonora still stands with its emblematic clock tower, adjacent to Plaza Juarez, the city's main plaza. Offices and other meeting spaces have been added in a modern addition that adjoins the rear part of the original building....

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Iglesia Católica Cristo Rey – Huatabampo, Sonora

Iglesia Católica Cristo Rey Benito Juárez García Colonia Centro Comercial Huatabampo, Sonora, Mexico 85900 +52 (647) 426-0109 The Christ is King Parish is located on the corner of 16 de Septiembre and Benito Juárez García, across the street from Plaza Juarez in...

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Lifesaving Emergency Medical Services in Southern Sonora

Get to know Hospital San Jose in Navojoa Last Saturday I read an obituary in the Tucson newspaper for a 52-year-old man who had died from a heart attack while at “his favorite place in Mexico.” The article gave me pause, because the man was about my age. And it made...

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Los Alamos Cafe

Los Alamos Café Roasters of fine Mexican gourmet coffee located on Calle Pesquiera (highway 15) in Navojoa, Sonora Stop in for a visit and enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee on your way to Alamos! Los Alamos Café began in 1970 as a family business located inside the...

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