Iglesia de San Rafael in Trincheras, Sonora

Tourist News, Observations and Insights of Sonora, Mexico

The state of Sonora covers a large area of land and has a marvelous variety of natural beauty, history, culture, culinary delights, activities and experiences to enjoy. I love exploring Sonora, meeting its people, capturing moments in photographs and learning about all the state has to offer.

But Sonora is not Disneyland. Although we have personally never felt threatened there, I understand that any tourist locale has its inherent risks, and Sonora is no exception.

So this page is where we will post news and information of interest to tourists, including travel advisories, as well as images of this marvelous place and its people.

And we invite you to participate with your comments, and share information, experiences and images from your Sonoran travels. I want this to be a place where travelers and those interested in traveling can get a clear picture of the current environment south of the border, fun places to visit, unique experiences and any other information that may have an impact on Sonoran travel.

Thanks for visiting this page, please come back and visit us often! And if you have Sonora tourism-related experiences or insights to share, please contact us.

Explore Sonora News, Insights and Observations

Walk the Monuments in Navojoa and Learn about Mexican History

Get Some Exercise While Learning about History The city of Navojoa, Sonora has a number of busts and statues along its city boulevards and street that represent key figures and symbols in Mexican history. And they also represent a chance to do some urban hiking while...

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Sonora Profiles – President Alvaro Obregon

A True Sonoran Leader and Hero One of Sonora’s most esteemed native sons is a man who was a farmer from Southern Sonora who was called to war, where he became a key figure in the Mexican Revolution of 1910 – 1920. He went on to become one of the most influential...

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Obregon Monument in Navojoa, Sonora

Navojoa Honors One of Its Own One of the most impressive monuments in Navojoa is a large white obelisk sitting atop a chamber whose center point is a bust of one of Sonora’s greatest native sons – General and President Alvaro Obregon Salido (February 19, 1880 – July...

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Plaza Cinco de Mayo in Navojoa, Sonora

Navojoa Plaza 5 de Mayo Plaza 5 de Mayo in Navojoa, Sonora is named in remembrance of the Battle of Puebla, a victory for Mexican forces against French troops. Construction began on the plaza began in 1916, and electricity was added to the plaza in 1922. Many changes...

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Plaza Santa Fe in Navojoa, Sonora

Navojoa Plaza Santa Fe Plaza Santa Fe, located on Calle No Reeleccion in Navojoa, Sonora, is a nice, quiet place to rest during your exploration of Navojoa. The plaza is located on an Une city bus route, which you can catch from the downtown Mercado Muncipal...

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The Regional Museum of the Mayo in Navajoa, Sonora

Museo Regional del Mayo The Regional Museum of the Mayo in Navajoa, Sonora offers a glimpse back into the culture and history of the indigenous Mayo people and this region in Southern Sonora they have inhabited for centuries. The Museo Regional del Mayo is in a...

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Tufesa Bus Crash Kills 4 Near Guaymas

Four people were killed and 19 injured when a Tufesa bus rolled over the side of a bridge in Sonora on May 31, 2016 at approximately 4:00 a.m. Three people died in the crash and a fourth later died in a hospital. All of the victims were Mexican nationals. The...

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Is it Safe to Travel in Sonora?

Is It Safe to Travel in Sonora? This has been one of our most-visited pages since we first published it in 2010. It was last updated in 2014, so we are doing a rewrite along with the site redesign, which will be published in a few days. Sonora is a marvelous place to...

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Tips for Buying and Using a Cell Phone in Sonora

Tips for Buying and Using a Cell Phone in Sonora If you plan to travel in Mexico for any period of time, it makes sense to purchase a Mexican cellular phone as a communications backup for your travels. A cell phone can provide a link to family and friends at home, a...

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