Travelers Tips Following are some hints and tips for having an enjoyable Mexican vacation.  They’ve been gathered from years of travel to and living in Mexico.  If you have any suggestions for improvement or additions, please contact us.

Border Crossing Tips

Driving Tips

General Tips

Know the Emergency Phone Numbers (these can be called from any phone, similar to 9-1-1 in the U.S.:

Emergency: 066 Green Angels emergency road service: 078

Don’t bring weapons or ammunition

This is a big no-no.  The Mexican authorities take this very seriously, and will incarcerate offenders.

Don’t drink the water

It’s an old saying, but still very true in Mexico. Purified water is abundant and inexpensive, and other cold beverages are also available to quench your thirst.  To be safe, brush your teeth using bottled water.  The municipal water is generally safe for bathing.

Also, remember that ice is made from water.  Most ice in better restaurants is made with purified water, but if in doubt, ask for your beverage “sin hielo” (seen yay-lo). And the ice that comes free with your beer at the convenience store or expendio is not fit for consumption, so don’t put it in your beverage.

Stay in groups for safety, and be very careful at night

Well-traveled tourist areas are generally safe, but be always be aware of your surroundings, especially at night. Stay out of remote or poorly lit areas, or you may be making yourself a target for crime.

Be kind and respectful

Mexicans are very open and friendly people, and will welcome you to their country.  They’re also very proud people, and don’t appreciate being looked down upon or otherwise being disrespected.  You’ll find that an open, friendly, respectful attitude will get you far in Mexico.

Leave your valuables at home

If you flaunt your expensive jewelry and possessions, you just may lose them.  Don’t make yourself a target by standing out.