Mexico Trip Insurance

So you’re getting ready for your trip to Sonora and have packed your camera, sunglasses, electronic translator, sunscreen, swimsuit, party attire, golf clubs, and… what are you forgetting?

Ah yes, insurance.

There are several types of insurance available for a trip to a foreign country. Some, like Mexican auto insurance, are required. Others are optional, and depend on variables like where you plan to go and what activities you will be enjoying, and your tolerance for risk.

The following types of insurance can either be purchased from your insurance broker or from a specialized Mexican insurance agency. Also, check the terms of the credit card you use to pay for travel-related expenses (like plane tickets), you may already have coverage you weren’t aware of.

Auto Insurance

If you’re planning to take a vehicle to Mexico (including boats, ATVs and other types of watercraft or leisure toys), you will need to purchase Mexican auto insurance with a minimum amount of coverages for damages and personal injury. Read more about Mexican auto insurance, or see a list of Mexico auto insurance agencies.

Travel Insurance

This is a broad category that can include a variety of options, such as trip cancellation insurance, medical coverage for health issues you may experience while traveling abroad, and coverage for costs incurred after an accident or incident that other policies don’t cover (such as paying expenses for your return trip home after your vehicle becomes undriveable or is stolen).

Flight Insurance

If planning to fly to Mexico, there are various potential problems that can complicate your trip, from lost luggage to canceled flights and accidents. Flight insurance can help you to mitigate these risks.

Medical Evacuation Insurance

If you experience a serious injury and need to be evacuated from Mexico to the United States, the costs for transport can be high. Not only is it expensive to be evacuated by an air ambulance (or road ambulance), the complication and costs of coordinating an evacuation can be daunting as well. Emergency evacuation insurance helps to coordinate and cover the costs of emergency medical evacuations.

Insurance for Legal Support and Bail Assistance

Pretty much as it sounds, this insurance will help to cover legal expenses and bail bonds if you encounter legal issues while in Mexico. If you’re thinking this can’t apply to you, think about potential legal issues if you happen to cause a vehicular accident while in Mexico.

This is general information, designed to give the Sonoran traveler an overview of Mexican insurance options. If you have any specific questions or would like to recommend additional information for the page, please contact us.