Huatabampito, Sonora

Huatabampito, Sonora

Huatabampito, Sonora, Mexico

Huatabampito is a small, relatively secluded and beautiful coastal community in far Southern Sonora. ┬áThe coast is a 20-mile drive from the city of Huatabampo. If you’re planning to visit it’s best to stock up on the supplies you’ll need while in Huatabampo, because Huatabampito does not have any convenience or grocery stores.

What it does have is miles of beautiful coastline with natural beauty and breathtaking sunsets and sunrises. Although the temperatures during the summer months are stifling, the winter and springtime temps are very comfortable.

In addition to the coastline, the natural beauty of Huatabampito also includes whale- and dolphin-watching just off the coast in the first months of the year, as well as migratory birds that visit the estuary near the beach.

Fishing is a popular sport and source of income here, and you can stand on the beach in the morning and watch fishermen take in their catch (most of them in boats, but some just walk into the water with their nets and return a few minutes later with their catch), not far from the shore.


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