Hermosillo Photos

Photographic images of the capital of Sonora

Hermosillo is a modern, thriving state capital in the center not only of the state, but of the consciousness of all Sonorans. The city represents the rich history, arts and culture of the state, as well as the spirit of innovation and progress that are enabled by a multitude of higher-education universities and industry.

The city center is probably of most interest to Sonora tourists, who can take walking tours around the downtown area to see places of historic and cultural interest like the Hermosillo Cathedral; the city’s main square, Plaza Zaragoza; the ornate Palacio de Gobierno Sonora with its array of beautiful murals; the Museo de Culturas Populares de Sonora, which provides information about Sonora’s eight indigenous cultures and also has beautiful murals; Plaza Bicentenario, named in honor of the nation’s bicentennial in 2010; and many more.

We have developed three walking tours of the downtown area, that you can either enjoy in a guided group setting or as a self-directed tour of the sights of Hermosillo (more info on this soon). In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy the photos of this lovely place.