Drive to Sonora, Mexico

Sonora’s main border crossings with Arizona have easy access to good roads in Sonora, and are a popular means of travel to the state.  Click here for an overview of documentation needed for visitors and their vehicles to enter Sonora, and for driving tips.

Nogales has two vehicular ports of entry.  The downtown port of entry leads into the downtown area and a white-knuckle ride through the streets of Nogales.  A better option is the toll road that can be accessed from the Mariposa exit, about two miles north of Nogales, Arizona.

The Lukeville point of entry is a one-lane inspection station.  After passing through the station, the road winds through the town of Sonoyta before arriving at the turnoff to the highway to Rocky Point and the highway that continues to Caborca,Santa Ana and other points to the south and east.

Driving into Agua Prieta from Douglas, Arizona also requires passing successfully through the customs inspection station, and then finding a street that goes to the south and following it until you encounter the highway.  A right turn will take you to Cananea, Imuris and points west, and a left turn will get you heading in the direction of the Mexican state of Chihuahua and Ciudad Juarez.

Driving south into Mexico, you will initially encounter a customs inspection station at the border, and then a few miles later is a second revision station, the “21-kilometer checkpoint,” which is the point of entry where any final customs declarations are made or vehicle permits obtained.

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