Take the Bus

There are bus lines with regular routes to Nogales and Douglas, and some of them continue on to destinations south of the border.  In addition, there are shuttle services from Phoenix and Tucson that provide direct rides to border towns, and an opportunity to learn Spanish along the way!

Bus and shuttle services
Bus and shuttle tour operators

Buses that continue on a southbound route will stop at the border for a Mexican customs inspection.  This usually involves getting off of the bus with your luggage, and standing by as customs officials examine the contents of your luggage.

Another option is to walk across the border and take a taxi to one of the “centrales de camiones” (bus stations) in Nogales. There are several Mexican bus lines, like Tufesa, Albatros and TAP, that provide relaxing, comfortable transportation at an affordable price.

Taking pictures from your bus seat in Sonora

A bus trip from Nogales to Southern Sonora