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Luxury air travel services to Sonora

Luxury Air Travel to Sonora, Mexico

You will not find a better and more luxurious option for air travel to Sonora than air charter services.

Perhaps the best part of flying a charter aircraft is that you will avoid the stress and hassle of crowds, the TSA and other unpleasantness that accompanies commercial flights. In many cases, you will be able to drive up to the aircraft to make boarding a breeze.

And you will not have to worry about making connecting ground travel arrangements from the commercial flight arrival gate to the city where you want to be, just take a short taxi ride to your resort hotel.

These charter air companies are first-rate providers of chartered luxury jets and other aircraft you can board in Arizona (or any other state where the service is provided) and book a flight to virtually any destination in Sonora that has a public airport.

Examples of Sonora charter flight destinations include Alamos, San Carlos, Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point) and Navojoa. With charter flights there will be no more worrying about how you will get from the Ciudad Obregon airport to Alamos, for example – just take a direct flight there.

If you would like to check on departure and arrival locations, please contact the charter air companies directly – we have provided contact information and links to their website below.

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Commercial Air Service to Sonora

Air Charter Companies with Service to Sonora, Mexico


Air Charter Service

Air Charter Service California Inc
11150 Santa Monica Blvd
Suite 1020
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 205-8959

Take a private jet to Sonora for business or leisure purposes. Air charter services has a variety of jets available for travel not only to Sonora, but to other parts of Mexico and other worldwide destinations.


Monarch Air Group

610 SW 34th St., Bldg 3
Ft. Lauderdale International Airport
Fort Lauderdale FL 33315
(954) 359-0059
(877) 281 3051

Monarch has an established presence in Arizona, with aircraft staged at airports in Chandler and Tucson for service from any Arizona airport. They offer a variety of aircraft sizes and provide service to most public airports in Sonora.

Get an instant quote by entering information into their easy-to-use online quote form, or contact them directly by phone, internet or email for fast, friendly customer service.


Westwind Air Service

732 West Deer Valley Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85027
(480) 991-5557

Westwind is based at the Deer Valley Airport in North Phoenix, and provide air service from Arizona airports to public airports in Sonora. In fact, it is approved by the FAA to fly anywhere in the United States and Mexico. It offers flights for outdoors adventure tours to locations in the Southwestern US, as well as unscheduled charter tours from wherever you are to wherever you would like to go, to include Hermosillo, Alamos and Rocky Point.

Are you interested in a big-game hunting trip in Sonora? You are allowed to bring your unloaded, secured firearms stowed in the baggage area of the aircraft. Thinking about a deep-sea fishing trip or a bird watching expedition to see the marvelous species that migrate through Southern Sonora? Take a Westwind flight to Alamos, Navojoa or Guaymas / San Carlos to get you there.