Air Travel to Sonora

There are three major airports in the state of Sonora that have incoming and outgoing international commercial flights. They are:

Hermosillo GAP Airport
General José María Yáñez International airport in Guaymas
Ciudad Obregón International Airport

In addition, the state has a number of public airports that are accessible by charter air services. All passengers arriving in Sonora from an international destination will have to undergo Mexican customs inspection and processing.

Commercial Air Service to Sonora

The Hermosillo airport is currently the only airport with inbound commercial flights from Arizona, and all of those flights originate in Phoenix. However, there are direct flights to Hermosillo from airports in Mexico, and connecting flights from virtually any airport in the US.

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Charter Air Service to Sonora

Virtually any public airport in Sonora can serve as a destination for international charter flights that originate in Arizona, or any other US state where air charter services is available. Examples include:

Guaymas / San Carlos
Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point)

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