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Resort Life in Rocky Point

To be honest, although I had traveled extensively through Sonora and Mexico, I had never been to Rocky Point. I tend to go to places that are out of the way, rather than to locales that are frequented by tourists.

And I did not know what I was missing.

I made an off-season trip to Puerto Peñasco in February of 2014, and it was one of the more enjoyable things I had done for a long time. I stayed in the La Princesa de Peñasco resort, right on the coastal area known as Sandy Beach.

La Princesa is a luxury condominium complex that is managed by Sea Side Reservations, and every condo has an ocean view. The condos not only have a view of the Sea of Cortez, they have a balcony or patio where you can sit outside and enjoy the beautiful deep blue of the sea and some amazing sunrises and sunsets.

The units themselves are so comfortable that being there is more like staying in a home than in a hotel. With comfortable furniture and a full kitchen, the condominium feels more like your own beachside home.

The property is spectacular, with a manicured array of plants and tropical flowers, a huge shimmering main pool (and two others) along with a large Jacuzzi. There is also a complete fitness center in a community center building that also features a number of tables where groups can sit and look at the ocean through walls of windows.

As you exit from the community center you will see a volleyball court in soft, welcoming sand. Just beyond that are “palapas,” umbrella-shaped tropical shady spots made of reeds and grasses, under which you can relax in a reclining chair to read a book and enjoy a cool beverage while feeling the calming effects of the sea.

And for those who are concerned about security, the complex is like its own self-contained security zone. It is a gated property with security guards at the entrance and throughout the property. Guests must wear a wrist band to identify that they have permission to be on the property. And though it is a very secure place, it just feels like a quiet, comfortable place to be. And all of the Sea Side employees are very friendly, attentive and helpful.

La Princesa has a restaurant, although at the time I was there it was closed for renovation. No problem though, you can walk in either direction on the beach to find a beachside bar and restaurant where you can sit in a tropical environment and watch the waves lap at the shore while you are enjoying a drink. They also have a store that adjoins the lobby, where you can purchase snacks, toiletries, and of course, beer and liquor.

Sandy Beach is the luxury resort area of Puerto Peñasco, and the miles of beachfront are lined with beautiful, multi-story condominium complexes. Although there are miles of beautiful inviting beaches, the area is relatively secluded and insulated from some of the more raucous areas of Rocky Point (which are just a short drive away, if you happen to be in a raucous mood).

Sandy Beach is a beautiful, relaxing place for an invigorating run or a romantic stroll, especially in the morning or the evening when the sky is filled with the amazing colors of a sunrise or sunset. As you walk along the beach, in addition to watching fishing boats pass by in the distance you will be accompanied by seagulls and pelicans that are playfully enjoying the seaside. You may also occasionally encounter a Mexican vendor walking along the beach selling everything from hats to parachute kites, seashells and large, colorful flowers made from corn husks.

And while you could enjoy life there any time of the year, there are definitely advantages in making and off-season visit. The weather is still nice – it was in the mid 70’s while I was there, perfect for lying in the sun on the beach and getting that springtime sun tan started, and the breeze coming off of the sea is absolutely refreshing. It really felt perfect, not too hot or too cold.

In addition, there are fewer tourists there than in other times of the year, so you can enjoy the relative solitude on the beach and in the resort area itself. There are still people there, but the beach is so large that you will only occasionally see other people who are also enjoying the beach.

And best of all, the price is right. Sea Side Reservations advertises that it will give you the best prices of any resort in Rocky Point, and they are right. In addition to La Princesa de Peñasco, Sea Side also manages a number of other well-appointed luxury resorts along Sandy Beach, in other parts of Rocky Point, and in other Mexican coastal areas, all of which are excellent, without exception.

To learn more about luxury options in Puerto Peñasco and make reservations for your visit to paradise, I recommend that you visit their website.

I really enjoyed my visit to Sandy Beach. I took lots of great pictures, thoroughly enjoyed exercising while exploring the coastline, and experienced complete relaxation. In fact, I am now thinking about when I can next visit Rocky Point. Or perhaps visit a Sea Side Reservations resort in San Carlos.

Or both!

Sea Side Reservations offers beautiful furnished beachside rentals in the Mexican coastal areas of Barra de Navidad, Riviera Nayarit, Rocky Point, San Carlos, San Felipe, Puerto Vallarta, Bahia Kino, Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

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