The Eco Museum at Tehuelibampo

Tehuelibampo, Sonora, Mexico

The pueblo of Tehuelibampo, Sonora is the location of an archaeological site and eco-museum of the Yoreme Mayo culture and local natural environment, located on 25 acres of land near the Mayo River about 18 miles northeast of Navojoa, Sonora. The location derives its name from the word Tehueli-ba in the language of the Mayo, which means “blue water.”

The museum is located across the river from the road where it is accessed from Barrio Cantúa, Sonora. From December to March it can be accessed by a rowboat that is guided by a cable to the museum’s dock, and for the other eight months of the year there is a spot where the grassy riverbed is accessible on foot.

The Tehuelibampo Eco Museum is a marvelous building constructed of native stones that fits perfectly into the scenery of the terraced rock hill it sits atop of. Inside are beautiful ceiling murals painted by local muralist RV Payan, and the stone walls are adorned with paintings that depict ancient cave wall art and symbols depicted in petroglyphs carved into rocks around the area. There are also faux stone depictions of the local rock art that add a realistic accent to the place.

The museum is used as an educational site for groups of students to learn about the ancient and recent history of the Yoreme Mayo and the plants, animals and other features of the beautiful Southern Sonora river region environment where it is located.

Behind the museum is a nature path through a wooded area, where as you walk you can hear the calls from a variety of birds that are native to the region, or may be making a visit during their biannual migratory route.

The path leads to an opening between two large rock walls, where you will hike back into ancient history, observing the variety of more than 100 rock-art petroglyphs along the side walls that were carved into the rock between 2,500 and 3,000 years ago by the Proto-Mayan peoples.

The hike along the ravine ends at the Well of Enchantment, a local legend that promises clarity of mind and a personal learning experience if the person spends three nights at the well.

I want to thank my guides for showing me this marvelous place – Señor Atalio Jusacamea of Tehuelibampo and Señor Martin Soria, President of the Office of Conventions and Visitors (OCV) in Navojoa, Sonora. If you are interested in the ecology, history and culture of Southern Sonora, I would definitely recommend that you visit this marvelous place.

To arrange a visit to this unique, spiritual place, contact OCV Navojoa, call +52 (642) 421-5531 or +52 (642) 422-7260, or send them an email.  All of the contact information listed is in Spanish, if you do not speak Spanish you may contact us, and we can help to arrange a visit.