Tour Sonora

The state of Sonora has established tour routes for visitors to experience various parts of the state and its history. The routes are groups of nearby points of interest, each with a common theme, that can be explored by driving to the various points of interest, or taking a specific tour. They include the route of the missions, the route of the grapes, the route of the Rio Sonora (also designated as a gastronomic route), the route of the Sierra Alta and the Bacanora route.

And the state of Sonora also has so many other places to visit, events to experience and people to meet. From border towns to the major cities of Hermosillo, Ciudad Obregon and Navojoa, nature preserves and other outdoor nature experiences, traditional fiestas, and just the simple experience of staying in a Sonoran town and getting to know the area and its people.

If you are unfamiliar with an area that you would like to visit, one of the best ways to experience it is in a guided group setting. Rather than having to figure out where to go and how to get there, you can travel with a group and enjoy a personalized tour with experienced tour guides.

There are several tour agencies in Sonora and Arizona to accommodate your needs. They all offer specific tours of places of interest in Sonora, and some, like Sonora Nativa Travel and Ambos Tours of Arizona, will personalize a tour for you and a group Рincluding transportation, lodging and all other details of your adventure.

Many of the tour agencies do not yet have English-speaking staff, which means that you also get Spanish immersion as part of your travels. If you prefer to have English-speaking guides, the two tour agencies I mentioned in the previous paragraph both speak fluent English.