Sonora Sightseeing and Cultural Immersion

With unmatched natural beauty and centuries of history and culture, the state of Sonora offers ample opportunities to explore and learn.  The people are friendly and open, the architecture and local attractions are often fascinating, and the food is great.


Sonora and its people are incredibly photogenic. The natural beauty of the state, its historic buildings and beautiful people make this a fantastic place for photographers to visit. Click here to see more photos of Sonora.

Pimsleur Spanish


Nearly every pueblo has an annual festival to honor its patron saint, or pay homage to a historic figure or event. Click here to see a calendar of Sonoran festivals.

Bird Watching

An abundance of natural bird species live in various areas of Sonora, providing ample opportunities for bird watchers and other naturalists.

Coastal water birds
Southeastern AZ Bird Observatory’s Guide to Birding in NW Mexico
An account of two bird watchers’ visit to Sonora