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Eco-Tourism Organizations in Sonora, Mexico

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Dive Zone Ecotours

Certified diving instructor, based in Hermosillo. Visit their Facebook page.

ECOIX – Ecotourism Sonora

Paseo de los Jardines #50
Colonia Valle Grande
Hermosillo, Sonora 83205
+52 662 188-2948

This unique tourism organization is dedicated to sustainable tourism for Sonora’s indigenous pueblos. ECOIX is an initiative that promotes and seeks social, environmental and economic well-being for the indigenous communities of Sonora. By making alliances, with the native peoples, they are able to promote ecotourism walks through their territories in order to discover, appreciate, respect and admire the wealth of their natural and cultural heritage. Visit their Facebook page.

Ecoturismo del Noroeste

Ecoturismo del Noroeste is based in Hermosillo, and offers a variety of ecotourism, ethnotourism, and intercultural tourism trips to ecological preserves and other natural areas in the state of Sonora. In addition, the organization provides ecotourism-related consulting services, workshops, conferences and free lectures on environmental education. Click here for more information.

EcoTurismo Caborca (Guias Turisticos Caborca)

Based in Heroica Caborca, Sonora, this organization offers guided tours of areas around the municipio of Caborca and Pinacate.  Click here to see their Facebook page.

Ecoturismo Tehuelibampo

The Eco-Museum at Tehuelibampo, Sonora is a center for education about the history and culture of the Yoreme Mayo people of Southern Sonora. Located not far from the city of Navojoa, it features beautiful murals and wall paintings, and a nature hike through a rillito lined with ancient rock art. Click here for more information.

EcoTurismo Vermar


Bacanora # 434
Simon Bley y Arizona
Hermosillo, Sonora 83103

Based in Hermosillo, this ecoturism group sponsors trips as far north as Rocky Point and as far south as Chiapas. Its trips include activities like kayaking, rapelling, hiking, snorkeling, mountain biking and other outdoor activities. Trip prices include transportation, a guide / instructor and personal injury insurance. Visit their Facebook page.


+52 (647) 101-0590
+52 (647) 404-5265

Facebook page

Huatabampo-based Geokayaks provides kayak tours in the Rio Mayo, to the dunes of Médanos Blancos and the Moroncarit Lagoon, and kayaking with dolphins.

They also host bird watching tours of exotic birds around the magical town of Alamos and estuaries in Yavaros, Santa Bárbara and Navopatia. Additional activities include rappelling in San Bernardo and Alamos, mountain biking and trail hikes, and snorkeling from the beaches of Huatabampito.

Lobo Aventurismo

+52 642 112-1503

Led by outdoors enthusiasts Mauricio and Andres Bouvet, Navojoa-based Lobo Aventurismo hosts mountain biking events, mountain biking tours, free mountain biking classes, kayaking, hiking, trips to little-known places along the Sonoran coast and a variety of other opportunities for Southern Sonora eco-tourism adventure.

RedRock Aventura

+52 662 102-0184

This Hermosillo-based adventure company features a variety of outdoor adventure activities like camping, climbing, rappelling, kayaking, diving, snorkeling and hiking. RedRock Aventura also provides basic instruction in climbing, rappelling, survival, camping and orienteering. Visit their Facebook page.

Tour Hermosillo

+52 662 193-6772

This tour agency specializes in adventure tourism to places like the Cañón del Nacapule and Playa El Colorado, to enjoy activities like riding a zip-line, hiking and kayaking. Tour Hermosillo also hosts tours to other Mexican destinations, such as Mexico City, Morelia, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and Guanajuato,  Visit their Facebook page.


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