Sonoran Culture and Traditions

In addition to a Mexican culture that is purely Sonoran, the Mexican state of Sonora has a variety of very strong ethnic identities and native indigenous cultures that contribute to its cultural identity and traditions.

Most Sonoran towns have a “Casa de la Cultura,” or “house of culture,” a function of the town government that is the town’s center of cultural activities and learning. Celebrating and preserving the Mexican and local cultures are very important to Sonorans, and pueblos typically have a number of cultural events and celebrations through the year.

In addition to the “Mexican” culture, there are also several native cultures in Sonora. Peoples native to Sonora include the Yaqui, Papago (also known as Tohono O’odham), Mayo, Seri, Pima, Cucapa, Kikapu, and Guarijo.

Pimsleur Spanish

Although the various indigenous groups maintain their distinctive identity and culture, there is also a blending of their traditions with more recent Spanish and Catholic traditions.

This can be observed during celebrations for events like the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday, where traditional altars built to remember the departed include elements of Hispanic and pre-Hispanic culture.