Annual Events in Sonora, Mexico

If there’s one thing about Sonora and Sonorans, they love a good fiesta! In addition to events observed statewide and nationally, typically each pueblo has its own special event that is observed every year.

Festivals and Other Annual Events – July to September

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Festival de la Uva
A local event held annually to celebrate the grape harvest. Events include a parade, coronation of the uva queen, dances and other fiestas.

Fiestas del Pueblo Agua y Sol
July 10, Puerto Peñasco
This annual event celebrates the
July 10, 1907 founding of Rocky Point.  Adding to the typically festive ambiance of Rocky Point, this festival features music, good food and art. See the Puerto Peñasco City website for more information.

Mar Bermejo Festival
July 10 – 15, Guaymas
This festival honors the defense of the
port of Guaymas against a French invasion on July 13, 1854. Festivities include cultural and artistic exhibitions sponsored by the City of Guaymas’s Civic and Cultural Action Department (Dirección de Acción Cívica y Cultural) and supported by the state’s Institute of Culture (Instituto Sonorense de Cultura).


In addition to being one of the hottest months of the year in this very hot state, August is a time when most Sonorans take their summer vacation. However, there are some religious festivals and other events in Sonora during the month of August

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Day of the Angels – Día de Los Ángeles
August 2

Feast Day of San Cayetano
August 7
Sinahuiza and Bacabachi, Navojoa

Feast Day of San Lorenzo
August 9
Huépac and Sahuaripa

International Day of the Indigenous Pueblo
August 9

Birth of Padre Eusebio Francisco Kino (1645-1711)
August 10

Assumption of the Virgin Mary
August 15
Atil, Arizpe, Bacerac, Huásabas, Naco, Navobaxia, Opodepe, San Ignacio Cohuirimpo

Feast Day of San Bartolo
August 23
Batacosa, Quiriego

Grandparent’s Day
August 28

Feast Day of Santa Rosa de Lima
August 30
Bácum, Nácori Chico


September is the Mexican month of patriotism, “mes de la patria.” Every pueblo and city will be filled with the red, green and white of Mexican flags, including vendors on many street corners selling the flags.

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Day of the Boy Heroes (Niños Heroes)
September 13
This annual event honors the cadets who died defending the castle of Chapultepec in Mexico City from an advancing force of American soldiers.

Independence Day Celebrations
September 15th-16th

Independence day is celebrated on September 16th, but the celebrations begin the night before as citizens gather in town plazas for the “grita de independencia,” or shout of independence – Viva Mexico!  Typically the town’s mayor will wave a Mexican flag while shouting the grita (which commemorates Miguel Hidalgo’s 1810 call for independence), followed by fireworks and celebrations.  The 16th typically features a parade and more fiestas.

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