Annual Events in Sonora, Mexico

If there is one thing to know about Sonora and Sonorans, it is that they love a good fiesta! In addition to events observed statewide and nationally, typically each pueblo has its own special event that is observed every year.

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New Year’s Day
January 1st
A quiet day, most stores and businesses are closed.

Dia de Reyes – Kings Day
January 6th
Mexican children receive gifts from the three kings (the Magi) on this day, which is the traditional end to the Christmas season. This is also the day when people buy special circular bread called a “rosca.” Inside every rosca there is a plastic figurine of Jesus, and whoever gets the piece that contains the plastic Jesus is obligated to provide tamales for Candlemas on the 2nd of February.

Alamos Cultural Festival – Festival Cultural Dr. Alfonso Ortiz Tirado
Alamos, Sonora
This annual festival is named in honor of Alamos doctor and philanthropist Alfonso Ortiz Tirado. The event highlights operatic singing and chamber music, but a variety of popular music and art are also featured. This event has steadily grown in popularity and is now one of Sonora’s most important cultural events, drawing over 100,000 people from many different countries. 2009 marked the 25th year of the festival.
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Candlemas – Día de la Candelaría
Nationwide, February 2nd
It’s Groundhog Day in the United States, but in Mexico this is the Día de la Candelaría, a religious holiday that marks the end of the Christmas season in the church calendar. Traditionally images of the baby Jesus are blessed in a church ceremony.

Día de la Constitución – Constitution Day
Nationwide, February 5th
A national public holiday to commemorate the Constitution of 1917, which was enacted following the Mexican Revolution.

Día del Amor y Amistad – Valentine’s Day
Nationwide, February 14th
In Mexico this day is to celebrate friendship and love. As in other countries, friends and lovers exchange cards and gifts.

Día de la Bandera – Flag Day
Nationwide, February 24th
Schools, banks and government offices are closed in observance of this national holiday to honor the flag of Mexico.

Festival Cultural para el Desierto – Desert Cultural Fair
Puerto Peñasco
Annual cultural fair celebrated in Rocky Point.


Semana Santa – Holy Week
Nationwide in March or April, two weeks prior to Easter Sunday. Most festivities take place during the week leading up to Easter, but many people have the following week off as well, making it a two-week holiday.

Religious processions and other activities are common, but for a lot of Sonorans, it’s time to vacation at the beach. The two weeks of Semana Santa are a very busy travel time, so if you plan to visit Sonora during Semana Santa, make your plans and reservations well in advance.

Festival Internacional de Cine Álamos Mágico
An international film festival held every March in the beautiful Southern Sonoran pueblo of Alamos.

Natalicio de Benito Juarez – Benito Juarez’s Birthday
A national public holiday, celebrated on March 21.

Benito Juarez went from humble beginnings as a Zapotec Indian to become Mexico’s only indigenous president. Juarez enacted many social advancements, such as establishing free and mandatory education and establishing the separation of church and state, and is often referred to as the Abraham Lincoln of Mexican presidents.

Spring Kindergarten Parade
March 21, Caborca and other cities

To commemorate the birthday of Benito Juarez and herald the arrival of Spring, Caborca’s kindergarten children dress in festive costumes and parade down one of the town’s main streets.

January through March
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