Annual Events in Sonora, Mexico

If there’s one thing about Sonora and Sonorans, they love a good fiesta! In addition to events observed statewide and nationally, typically each pueblo has its own special event that is observed every year.

Festivals and Other Annual Events – April to June

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6 de Abril Fiestas
The first week of April
This weeklong event commemorates the defense of the town by its residents against American “filibusteros” led by Henry Crabb in April of 1857.  The festival features events from April 2 to April 10, including a parade on April 6th. Click here for more details regarding the fiestas.

Dia de los Ninos – Children’s Day
Nationwide, April 30th
This day is just for the children, celebrated throughout Mexico with parties and other special events.


Dia del Trabajo – Labor Day
Nationwide, May 1st
Like many countries, Mexico celebrates its labor day on May 1st, when parades, marches and union events are held.   All schools, banks and government offices are closed in observance of the event.

Cinco de Mayo, Batalla de Puebla – Commemoration of the Battle of Puebla
May 5th
A minor holiday in Sonora, the 5th of May is celebrated to commemorate the 1862 battle of Puebla, where the Mexican army defeated French forces.

Dia de la Madre – Mother’s Day
Nationwide, May 10
Mother’s Day is always celebrated on May 10th in Mexico, and it is a major event where mothers are showered with gifts and attention.

Día del Maestro – Teacher’s Day
Nationwide, May 15
This is typically a day off from school, and teachers’ unions hold a celebration in honor of the maestros.  This is also a time when students present their teacher with a gift if appreciation.

Eusebio Francisco Kino Cultural X Festival
May 21-25, Magdalena
This event is held in honor of Jesuit priest Eusebio Francisco Kino, who established a number of missions in the area that is now southern Arizona and northern Mexico.  The main fiestas are held in Magdalena, where father Kino’s remains lie, although there are also festivals held in some other pueblos such as Santa Ana, Cucurpe, Imuris and San Ignacio.  The festival in Magdalena is a major Sonoran event, featuring exhibitions, arts
and crafts sales, a parade, and other activities.


Día de la Marina – Navy Day
June 1st, Guaymas and Rocky Point
Navy Day is celebrated in all ports throughout Mexico.  The festival in Guaymas offers a reenactment of a naval battle, and fireworks.  Both celebrations include a parade and a host of other fun activities.

Día del Padre – Father’s Day
Nationwide, third Sunday of June

Fiesta de San Juan Bautista – Saint John the Baptist
June 24th
This is more of a national event than one specifically held in Sonora, although many pueblos hold festivals in observance of this saint.  Legend has it that all forms of water are blessed on this day, and it is also used to commemorate the unofficial start of the desert monsoon season. Celebrations typically include religious events and practical jokes.

Día de San Pedro y San Pablo – Saint Peter and Saint Paul’s
June 29th
Typically a day of feasting, this day is celebrated in pueblos wherever St. Peter is the patron saint.

January through March
April through June
July through September
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