ECOIX Sonora Ecotourism

Well-being for Sonora's Indigenous Communities

ECOIX Ecoturismo Sonora is an ecotourism and cultural-tourism initiative based in Hermosillo, Sonora that promotes and seeks social, environmental and economic well-being for the indigenous communities of Sonora.

By means of establishing alliances with the native peoples, they promote ecotourism visits to their territories so that visitors can discover, experience, appreciate, respect and admire their natural environment and wealth of cultural heritage.

ECOIX is a customer-oriented organization that has scheduled tours, and can also plan a tour based on your interests – if you would like to learn more and have a first-hand experience with the indigenous peoples of Sonora, Mexico in their native lands, get in contact with ECOIX to get started.

All photos provided by ECOIX Ecoturismo

The ECOIX Team

Mtra. Olivia Bringas Alvarado. +52 (662) 139-0602
M.C. Eduwiges Gómez. +52 (662) 155-1407
M.C. Jesús Tadeo Manrique Gallardo +52 (662) 188-2948

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