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Southern Sonora

The southern border of
Sonora, Mexico adjoins the Mexican state of Sinaloa.  The region is a major agricultural center, expecially in the cities of Ciudad Obregon and Navojoa.

The jewel of the southern portion of Sonora is Alamos, Sonora, commonly known as the "City of Gates." The beautiful natural scenery and historic colonial buildings attract thousands of tourists every year, and Alamos is home to a community of expatriate Americans who enjoy its fascinating environs.


Southern Sonora also has hundreds of miles of coastline in areas like Huatabampo and Empalme, as well as the beautiful colonial town of Alamos, a favorite destination of tourists to the area.


The southernmost part of Sonora features a transition of ecosystems from a desert to more of a tropical environment, which offers a variety of opportunities to explore and photograph the area's natural environmental beauty and biological diversity.


planet nogales

alamos sonora
The colonial beauty of Alamos


Downtown Navojoa


Ciudad Obregon plaza


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