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Caborca 6 de Abril Fiestas

Every year the City of Heroica Caborca Sonora has a nine-day festival to commemorate the anniversary of an important event in the city's history, the siege of Pueblo Viejo by American Henry Crabb and his filibusteros that occurred in April of 1847.

Following are some events from the 2011 celebration. Click here to see photos from the events.

Main events

• Civic-military parade
• International Rodeo
• “Sand Drags,” 100-yard drag races
• Opening of the third annual Expo Pueblos Hermanos del Seis de Abril
• Traditional walk of lights
• My city and her history, a cultural and historical exploration
• Pantomime, balloon-twisting clowns and stilt walkers
• Fireworks and projection of lights on the Historic Temple

Fine Arts

• Second annual Caborca fine arts competition and exhibition
• Yo soy de aquí, soy mujer del desierto (I am from here, I am a woman of the desert), by Claudia Reyna
• Outdoor art workshops
• Cultural diversity art scene, with the group Matria

Music and Dance

• Traditional Tohono O’otham dance
• Mestiza Tradition, with music, dance, and Mexican folklore
• Night of Ballads, with Alejandro Filio y Gerardo Peña
• Musical concert with Buena Vibra Social Sound
• Concert of ballads presented by Gerardo Peña
• Reflections, performed by the Evolution Dance Group
• Concert presented by Maribel Ferrales (Cuba-México)
• Public dance with the band Tohono O’otham
• Demonstration of bands, dance groups and cheerleaders
• The Big Band Orchestra presents a tribute to the Beatles
• Expo-rock Caborca, a Sonoran rock festival
• Francisco Céspedes in concert
• Dance to the music of La Sonora Dinamita
• Concert presented by the Sonora Philharmonic Orchestra

Theatre and Film

• Youth theater play Spling, Splung, Splash
• Youth theater play El mundo se va a acabar (the world is going to end)
• Cheese, bread and you, the wine, presented by the groups Versátil Femenil Perlas del Desierto, Ginebra y Sanguíneo
• Presentation of the documentary film Bacatete: donde se oye la Guerra (Bacatete: Where You Hear the War)

Sports and Physical Activity

• Marathon
• Sonora-Arizona youth baseball
• Karate exhibition – “friendly matches"
• Physical activity class, open to the public
• Bicycle race Ruta del 6 de abril
• Regional Volleyball Tournament
• Master Skate 2011 - skates, skateboards and acrobatic bikes


• Practical course in the history and techniques of photography
• Graffiti workshop
• The Second International Symposium on the History, Culture and Environment of the Sonora-Baja California Desert
• Music therapy workshop for special education teachers
• Percussion workshop for special education students and their parents

Click here to see a list of daily events

pueblo viejo caborca
Historic Temp[e at Pueblo Viejo

pueblo viejo caborca
Pueblo Viejo

Pueblo Viejo

la carreta
Monument to Padre Kino

Caborca 20-30 club

Temple at Pueblo Viejo

The acoustic band shell at Pueblo Viejo

Caborca 20-30 Club




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