Destinations in Sonora, Mexico

Sonora offers a variety of geographies and climates, and a spectrum of activities to go with every one.  From deserts to mountains and sprawling beaches, there’s lots to explore.

The border region of Sonora adjoins the state of Arizona, and is accessible by several points of entry – the main ones are Nogales, Sonoyta (Lukeville), San Luis Rio Colorado (near Yuma) and Agua Prieta (Douglas).

The state’s western border is the Sea of Cortez, with a beautiful coastline that offers a variety of activities from fishing to water sports.

Northern Sonora is characterized not only by its Sonoran desert ecosystem, but by a culture and traditions unique to the region.

Central Sonora is dominated by the state capital of Hermosillo, a large, modern city of the 21st century.

And you’ll never be bored in Southern Sonora.  Explore its rich colonial architecture, enjoy its relaxing beaches, go sport fishing… and that’s just a start to exploring Sonora.