The Rio Sonora pueblo of Aconchi, Sonora

Aconchi, Sonora, Mexico

The pueblo of Aconchi, which is located between Huépac and Baviácora along the route of the Rio Sonora, has a population of approximately 2,500 residents. It is the administrative center of the municipality of Aconchi,

Originally known in the native Opata language as Acotzi, the city of Aconchi was founded in 1639 by Jesuit missionary Bartolomé Castaño and formally became a municipality in 1932.

Like other towns along the Rio Sonora, Aconchi’s primary economic activity is in cattle ranching, although it is also known for its numerous carpentry workshops that produce fine furniture and wood furnishings.

But Aconchi is perhaps best known for its thermal springs located at the nearby El Agua Caliente de Aconchi. In addition to enjoying the curative hot mineral baths, visitors to the park can camp, swim in a swimming pool or enjoy a picnic on the grounds.

If you are just driving through, the town plaza, located near the highway, is a very nice place to relax and stretch your legs. While there, be sure to walk across the street to visit the Iglesia de San Pedro y San Pablo (Church of Saints Peter and Paul), a lovely mission church that is known for its black Christ.