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Dental Tourism in Nogales and Sonora

Nogales, Sonora is becoming a favorite destination for cross-border tourists who are looking for quality, modern dental procedures at a fraction of what they would pay north of the border. Read more.

sonoran dentists

caborca petroglyphs
Petroglyphs in Caborca

caborca church
Caborca temple

ruins of san valentin del bizani
San Valentin del Bizani



Heroica Caborca, Sonora

Come and explore the charm, beauty and culture of the Mexican state of Sonora.

Located south of the Arizona-Mexico border, Sonora offers a wide variety of climates to explore and experience, from the well-visited border towns to high Sonoran desert of Northern Sonora to coastal beaches, and a more tropical ecosystem in the south.

In addition to the variety of climates is the diversity of tourism activities to experience - attend a local festival, join an eco-tourism outing, or just take a stroll down the cobblestone street of a colonial pueblo.

And, best of all, as you explore, you will come to know the friendly people of Sonora, where you're always an "amigo."

desert scenery
Desert near Magdalena

imuris church
Church in Imuris

pelican at puerto lobos
Puerto Lobos

ciudad obregon
Ciudad Obregon